Industrial Retro Furniture

The phrase “industrial retro furniture” may sound confusing or ambiguous to some, especially those who have been in the antiques or second hand furniture business for some years. I feel that it works well to describe a group of products that are popular nowadays – so why not use it?

On one hand we have industrial furniture such as old work benches or industrial cupboards taken from a french Michellin factory – and on the other we have the idea of a “retro sideboard” such as a typical G Plan offering from the 70s.

These are both quite different products in original purpose, production date, target market, construction material and so on. However they have somehow converged into an area of furnishing that is curiously harmonious or at least individually attractive to an admirer. A collector or simply a person who is kitting-out their new home may have industrial and retro pieces in one room (even in close proximity) or they may have an industrial style shelving system in the living room and a retro 70s bedside table.

Has the phrase “mid-century” just widened and become a bit more grundgy?

This website will look at products which originate in one of these areas and possibly now span and/or perhaps combine  some of the attributes above.

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